I. Proactive Disclosure

(1)   RTI Act, 2005.

(2)   FAQ

(3)   About this Department.

(4)   Organizational Chart of this Department.

(5)   Organizational Setup

(6)   The functions and duties of each section of this Department.

(7)   Acts administered by this Department.

(8)   The rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records, held by it or under its control or used by its employees for discharging its functions.

(9)   Information related to Tender policy

(10)           Information related to Transfer Policy

(11)           Grants if any given by this Department.

(12)           Domestic and Foreign Tours of Ministers and Officials of this Department.

(13)           Outcome Budget.

(14)           RTI First Appeals

(i)         First Appeals of 2012

(ii)        First Appeals of 2013

(iii)       First Appeals of 2014

(iv)       First Appeals of 2015

(v)        First Appeals of 2016


(15)           Annual Returns u/s 25 of the RTI Act.


(i)                 2011-12

(ii)               2012-13

(iii)             2013-14

(iv)       2014-15

(iv)             2015-16


(16)           Public Authorities under this department

                 (i)                Branch Secretariat Mumbai

(17)           Citizen Charter – Under preparation


(18)           Such other information: Information reduced in electronic form.


(i)                 Circulars pertaining to litigation

(ii)               List of Law Officers

(iii)             Assistant Solicitor General in various High Courts

(iv)             List of Senior CGSC in various benches of Cat.

(v)               List of Empanelled Advocates

(vi)             Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties

(vii)           Status of the Reports of the Law Commission of India

(viii)         List of Notaries.

(ix)             Hague Conference on Private International law

(x)               Reciprocal Arrangements for Recognition of Notarial Acts  Done by Foreign Notaries.

(xi)             Status of National Litigation Policy

(xii)           Authorities under Department of Legal Affairs

(i)                 Appellate Tribunal For Foreign Exchange

(ii)               Income Tax Appellate Tribunal


II. CPIO and Appellate Authority

(19)           List of Public Information Officers and First Appellate Authorities in this Department


III. Fee Required Under RTI Act

1.         A person who desires to seek some information from a Central Government Public Authority is required to send, along with the application, a demand draft or a banker’s cheque or an Indian Postal Order a of Rs. 10/-(Rupees ten), payable to The Accounts Officer of the Public Authority as fee prescribed for seeking information. The payment of fee can also be made by way of cash to the Accounts Officer of the public authority or to the Assistant Public Information Officer against proper receipt. Non Judicial Stamp Paper and Court Fee Stamp are not the proper forms of submitting the application fee. The fee for seeking/obtaining information for 2015-16 is Rs. 17,294/-. 

2.         If the applicant belongs to below poverty line (BPL) category, he is not required to pay any fee. However, he should submit a proof in support of his claim for belonging to the below poverty line.   

IV. RTI online Application/Appeal

V. Lodge Your Complaint

VI. Submit Your Second Appeal