Bar Council of India Rules

Table of contents

Part I



Part II

Matters Relating to the Bar Council of India

Chapter I.        Election of the Members, Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Council and their powers.           

                        (Rules under Section 15(2), (c), (d), (f) and (g) read with Sections 4 and 10B of the Act)

Chapter II.      Meetings of the Council and its Committees other than those of the Disciplinary Committees.                                                                                           

                       (Rules under Section 15 (2) (h) and (j) of the Act)         

Chapter III.     Constitution, functions and procedure of the meetings of the Committees of the Bar Council of India                                                                                    

                       (Rules under Sections 9, 9A, 10 and 15 (2) (i) and (j) of the Act)          

Chapter IV.     Qualifications and conditions of service of the Secretary, Accountant and other members of the Staff.                                                                                                

                       (Rules under Section 15 (2) (k) of the Act)                    

Chapter V.      Rules relating to finance.                                                            

                       (Rules under Section 15 (2) (l), (m) and (n) of the Act)  

Chapter VI.     Miscellaneous: Publication of rules and other information and date of coming into force of the rules: Inspection of records and copies.                                  

                       (Rules under Sections 7(m) and 49(j) of the Act)           

Chapter VII.    Proceeding for removal of name from roll.                              

                       (Rules under proviso to Section 26 (1) of the Act)         

Chapter VIII.  Additional qualification for enrolment as advocates.       

Chapter IX.     Revision under Section 48A of the Act                          

Chapter X.      Review under Section 48AA of the Act                                     

Chapter XI.     Orders of the Bar Council of India                                            

Part III

Certain Matters Relating to State Council

Chapter I.        Electoral roll, disqualification of membership and vacation of office         

                       (Rules under Sections 3 (4), 10B, 15 (2)(a) and 49 (1) (a) and (ab) of the Act.)

Chapter II.      Rules to secure at least minimum number of advocates of 10 years’ standing      

                       (Rules under Section 3 (2) (b) and proviso and Section 3 (5) and 49 (1) (ac) of the Act.)           



               PART IV


                       Standards of Legal Education and Recognition  of         As per BCI,

                       Degrees in Law for admission as advocates                   separated and

                                                                                                               added at the

                                                                                                               end of these






Part V

The State Roll and Seniority

Chapter I.        Preparation and maintenance of the State roll.

                       (Rules under Sections 17,19,20 and 22 of the Act)        

Chapter II.      Prevention of entry in more than one roll.                       

                       (Rules under Sections 17 (4) and 49 (1) (ad) of the Act)           

Chapter III.     Transfer of name from one State Roll to another State Roll.                    (Rules under Sections 18 and 49 (1) (b) of the Act)                                                    

Chapter IV      Seniority in the State Rolls (Rules under Sections 17(3), 20 and 49(1) (ac) of the Act)   

Chapter V       Special provision for enrolment of certain Supreme Court Advocates     

                       (Rules under Section 20 read with Section 49(1) (i) of the Act)  



Part VI

Chapter I.        Restrictions on Senior Advocates                                  
(Rules under Sections 16(3) and 49(1)(g) of the Act)

Chapter II.      Standards of Professional Conduct and Etiquette
(Rules under Section 49(1)(e) of the Act read with the proviso thereto)

                       (Scheme for financial assistance to State Bar Council under Rule 44-B of the Bar Council of India Rules)                                                                                       

Chapter III.     Conditions for right to practice                                      
(Rules under Section 49(1)(ah) of the Act)

Chapter IV.           Form of Dresses or Robes to be worn by Advocates       
(Rules under Section 49(1)(gg) of the Act)

Part VII

Chapter I.        Complaints against advocates and procedure to be followed by Disciplinary Committees of the State Bar Council and the Bar Council of India.                      
(Rules under Section 49(1)(f) of the Act)

Chapter II.      Review under Section 44 of the Act.                             


                       Fees leviable under the Act                                           
(Rules under Section 49(1)(h) of the Act)

Part IX

                       General Principles to be followed by State Bar Councils and the Bar Council of India and Rules for Supervision and Control by the Bar Council of India.     
(Rules under Section 49(1) (a), (i) and (j) of the Act)

                       Rights of Practising Advocates to take up Law Teaching (Rules under Section 49A of the Act)  


Model Welfare Schemes