Bar Council of India Rules

Rules made by the Bar Council of India in exercise of
its rule making powers under the Advocates Act, 1961



Definitions: In these rules, unless the context otherwise requires :-

(a)      ‘Act’ means the Advocates Act, 1961, as amended from time to time;

(b)     ‘Advocate’ means an advocate entered in any roll under the provisions of the Act;

(c)      ‘Casual Vacancy’ means a vacancy caused otherwise than by the expiry of the term;

(d)     ‘Chairman’ means the Chairman of the Bar Council of India ;

(e)      ‘Clear days’ means that time is to be reckoned exclusive of both the first and the last days;

Illustration :- The election of members to a State Council is fixed for the 15th January 1965. Under the rules of the State Council, ballot papers have to be despatched 10 clear days before the date of election. Consequently the last date for the despatch of ballot papers will be 4th January, 1965.

(f)      ‘Council’ means the Bar Council of India ;

(g)     ‘Prescribed’ means prescribed by the rules ;

(h)     ‘Rules’ means the Rules made by the Council;

(i)       ‘Secretary’ means the Secretary of the Bar Council of India and includes any person howsoever designated and entrusted for the time being with the duties of the Secretary;

(j)       ‘State Council’ means a Bar Council constituted under Section 3 of the Act;

(k)      ‘Vice-Chairman’ means the Vice-Chairman of the Bar Council of India.