Annual Return Form

Ministry/Department/Organization : Legislative Department
Year: 2007-2008 (upto March,2008)

    Progress in 2007-08
  Opening Balance
as on 01/04/2007
Received during the Year
(including cases transferred to other Public Authority)
No. of cases transferred to other Public Authorities Decisions where requests/appeals rejected Decisions where requests/appeals accepted
First Appeals  
No. of Cases where disciplinary action taken against any Officer
No. of CAPIOs designated No. of CPIOs designated No. of AAs designated


No. of times various provisions were invoked while rejecting requests

Relevant Sections of RTI Act 2005

Section 8 (1)


a b c d e f g h i j 9 11 24 Other


Amount of Charges Collected (in Rs.)

Registration Fee Amount Additional Fee &
Any other charges
Penalties Amount