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 The  National  Commission  to  Review   the  Working  of  the  Constitution was set  up vide Government  Resolution dated 22 February, 2000.  The terms  of   reference stated  that the Commission shall examine,  in the  light  of  the experience of the past 50 years,    as to how best the Constitution  can respond to the  changing needs of  efficient, smooth and  effective system  of  governance  and    socio-economic   development  of   modern    India  within  the framework of Parliamentary democracy, and to recommend changes,if any, that are required  in  the  provisions  of   the Constitution   without   interfering   with    its  basic  structure  or  features. The Commission was required to complete  its   work  and  make  recommendations within one year.  The tenure of the Commission was extended from   time  to time upto 31st March, 2002.
2.         The Commission submitted its report in two volumes  to the Government on 31st March, 2002. The report could be seen at  the following hyperlinks :

         q       Volume I
         q       Volume II
                                                      a.      Book 1
                                                      b.      Book 2
                                                      c.     Book 3

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